Everyone knows Kanye's #1 rule. No one talks to Kanye West. As a matter of fact, Kanye has even said that if you know someone who knows him, don't talk to them either.

Actually, you're probably safe if you just remain silent and don't talk at all when Kanye is around.

The problem with Kanye's rule is that the paparazzi (who are basically paid to get a rise out of the G.O.O.D. Music rapper) knows exactly what to do to get under his skin. One photog at the LAX airport was extra aggressive today as Kanye returned to the states after being out of the country since last week. All the other photogs seemed to back off when Kanye supposedly told them to stop asking questions, but one kept pushing buttons until all hell broke loose!

In the video above, Yeezy is seen walking toward the pap, and even verbally acknowledged that he knew the photog was just trying to provoke him to make a bad decision that may cost him big money. At that point it seems as if Kanye lunged at the photog, engaging in some sort of tussle, grappling match, or series of punches that caused the man to fall down.

Apparently, the man's injuries were so bad that paramedics had to be rushed to the scene and police are now handling the matter. As for, Yeezy, he is nowhere to be found.

This incident comes on the heels of yesterday's leaked audio of Kanye ripping on Taylor Swift, Pink and others in a secretly recorded rant after the 2009 MTV VMAs. Not to mention, this is the second time in just as many weeks that Kanye has had a serious run in with the paparazzi.

UPDATE: Here is another angle, showing the scuffle between Kanye and the pap.