Yes, this is a VERY real thing. Do you remember Billy Blanks? He was the creator of "Tae Bo" and now his son, Billy Blanks Jr. has hit the workout scene with something new and exciting. Take the fun and excitement of karaoke and mix it with the principals of cardio. You guessed it ... KARDIOKE !!! Even Blanks' & Co. thinks it's cheesy but they do offer up a good explanation for the combination.

Cardioke sounds cheesy but actually the singing and breathing is utilized to excel your workout. You can burn double the calories by singing and breathing properly as you move.This is why our military does cadences while running to build that super human stamina. Try it. Yeah I mean right now! Get up and move/sing along with us.

Give it a shot if you dare. Here's a look at the Kardioke below. We'll go ahead and sit this one out. :)