The first round of the NFL Draft is complete, and the WHO DAT NATION has welcomed Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro as the newest member of the New Orleans Saints. While some grumbled that the Saints could have used a player that would give us more of a defensive pass rush, Vaccaro is no scrub.

Just think about how many times the Saints have been burned by athletic tight ends and big receivers like Tony Gonzalez and Julio Jones when we play our rival, the Atlanta Falcons. Do I even have to bring up the name Vernon Davis?

Vaccaro has what we've been missing when it comes to handling guys like that who have gutted us over the past few seasons. Sure, we won't know until we see him in action; but in the meantime, check out his segment on ESPN's 'Sport Science' below. Like the old saying goes: Numbers don't lie, and Vacarro's numbers are very impressive.

One thing is for sure - based on the female feedback from the WHO DAT NATION - Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore, and Drew Brees might have some serious competition in the heartthrob department.

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