After releasing a 30 minute emotional video educating viewers on the crimes of African warlord Joseph Kony, Invisible Children, the nonprofit organization responsible for the video came under attack. Critics cited the organization's not so stellar financial records, their support of military action, and fact that Joseph Kony is no longer believed to be in Uganda.

Well, Invisible Children is finally responding. In a brief CNN interview this Sunday, Invisible Children's chief executive Ben Keesey and video director Jason Russell addressed their critics head on. While the CNN anchor didn't pull any punches, the Invisible Children representatives remained adamant that their mission is pure and that they have nothing to hide. The duo went on to say that they've put together a short 10 minute film that is set to be released today that will answer many of the questions that were raised following their video's meteoric rise.

Whether or not the video will sufficiently silence the Kony 2012 detractors is still to be determined. One thing we know for sure is that regardless of their intentions, Invisible Children did successfully managed to get their message across to the nation in a big way. If in the coming days Invisible Children proves to be a scamming hoax or honest charitable organization, their viral video effort has managed to turn many on to an issue that has largely been ignored.

To see a clip of the CNN interview, click here.