Where you live should not determine if you live.

In this election year we've heard many politicians and pundits discussing the major issues facing America today. But if we are honest with ourselves these issues are all issues of luxury. Issues we've been afforded the luxury of arguing because we do not have to worry about finding enough food to live another day. We do not have to worry about our daughters being stolen and turned into sexual slaves, or our sons into child soldiers. Unfortunately, not all parts of the world are afforded these luxuries.

The Invisible Children organization was founded to accomplish two goals:

1. Raise awareness for Joseph Kony, the world's most wanted international criminal.
2. End Kony's nearly 30 years of terror, war, child slavery, and human mutilation.

The Problem: Though Kony's atrocities against the Ugandan people are both inhumane and disgusting, his reign of terror has gone largely unnoticed by the rest of the world because his actions are isolated within Uganda and there is no high demand for Ugandan trade. Kony is an invisible man. His victims; invisible children.

Invisible Children's Mission: Utilize the power of social media to spread raise awareness for Kony's crimes against humanity, and to ultimately bring justice to both Kony and the Ugandan people.

How You Can Help: Please take the time to watch the powerful film below depicting Kony and his invisible victims. The film will both educate you on the human suffering currently occurring in our world, and remind you how lucky you are to have been afforded the life you were given.

Our nation was built on the idea that the actions of a few can change the lives of many. Keep that in mind.

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