A landlord in Ohio is facing charges for allegedly spanking a tenant over unpaid rent. A well-known businessman in Ohio allegedly assaulted one of his tenants after he failed to pay the landlord $2,800.

According to police Ron Kronenberger, the landlord, told the 29-year-old tenant "if you're going to act like a child, I'm going to treat you like one." It was then Kronenberger allegedly spanked the tenant four times on the rear with his belt.

According to the report, the tenant said he was scarred and just wanted to get it over with and that is why he obliged to the spankings. The victim, who is not speaking at this time, bent over and placed his hands on a chair and took the spankings like the grown man he is.

Could you imagine your landlord requesting that you bend over and grab your ankles and then proceed to spank you because you are late on your monthly payment? What would YOU have done had you been in this guy's shoes?