We all know by now how the Alabama Crimson Tide crystal trophy broke, but one particular LSU Tiger Fan has his own spin on how the $30-thousand prize trophy may have been broken. And if you're wondering, yes this fan thinks that LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles may have had something to do with the accident.Tiger fans have been sleeping really good the last few nights since the story broke of the trophy breaking. Some Tiger fans say its just bad luck while others say it may be karma.



In any case, some Tiger fans have gotten really creative when it comes to finding out the truth about how the crystal ball broke. Remember, Alabama beat LSU in New Orleans this year to win the NCAA National Championship.

To see this video and PROOF that Coach Miles had something to do with the Bama accident Click HERE now!!!! Note, this video was posted via a user on the Tigerdroppings website by the handle "TheNotoriousGOP."