People in Hawaii seem to be the most immune to emotional stress and more likely to feel enjoyment. Our home state, Louisiana, ranks second as the least stressed state amongst all 50.

According to the new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index released Wednesday, 40.6 percent of Americans reported feeling stressed “yesterday” in this year’s survey and almost 85 percent reported feeling enjoyment “yesterday.”

While Hawaii ranks as the least stressed state amongst all 50 states, West Virgina ranks the highest as the most stressed state. Other states that rank amongst the highest in stressful levels are Rhode Island, Kentucky, Utah and Massachusetts.

I am not quiet sure how Louisiana ranks as one of the most relaxed states in the union. I know that people here work hard, but they also play hard. Perhaps being so involved in the outdoors and in sports helps relax all of us in Louisiana. But to be the second most relaxed state out of all 50 is still a shocker to me.


For the complete list of states visit Gallup.