The next time you enter LSU's "Tiger Stadium" on a Saturday night, you'll notice a massive addition to the stadium. In the south end zone there are two HUGE jumbo trons, both 40-feet tall, plus additional seating and suites.

The 320,000 square-foot addition now puts the loudest stadium in the country over the 102,000 capacity mark. Yes, that's a lot of people!!

The multimillion dollar project will be complete by August 22, and that is when the new expansion will be fit for its first visitors. In all, LSU has added an additional 8,000 tickets to the stadium with this expansion.

Aside from seating and video screens, the south endzone of Tiger Stadium will be illuminated with purple and gold LEDs to match the rest of the stadium.

LSU's first home game is Sept. 6th against Sam Houston. To see The Tigers 2014 schedule, click HERE.