Lafayette's own Mackenzie Bourg is now in the "Live Round" on NBC's "The Voice" and he needs your support. Mackenzie has advanced through several rounds to reach the "Live Round" and now it comes down to the popular vote. Mackenzie now needs his hometown and own his home state to get behind him with their votes starting tonight.

So far in the competition we have seen Mackenzie perform hit songs from Foster The People and Carly Rae Jepsen. What will #TeamMac bring to the live rounds, it remains to be seen, but we know that he will certainly put his own twist on whatever song he chooses to sing.

Mackenzie grabbed the hearts of many on his debut when he told his story of congestive heart failure. Mackenzie was hospitalized for two months due to the complications, but credits music for pulling him through the hard times. Since his debut on "The Voice," Mackenzie has been a regular on the morning show, and he is a great kid. There is always something special about seeing a young person chase their dreams, and now we can help him reach his goals. Vote for Mackenzie...And on a side note here, there are no red or blue states involved in this voting process.



"The Voice" airs tonight on NBC at 7pm central.