"Turn down for what?" Here's a dose of literal irony you don't see every day. An intoxicated man fell through the ceiling at a recent DJ Snake show in Orlando, FL.

Emergency crews and police were called to the Roxy in Orlando, FL (4/4) just after 1:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a roof collapse. DJ Snake, producer of chart-topping party anthem, "Turn Down For What" featuring Lil Jon, was performing that night when a Texas man fell 17 feet from the ceiling.

There was speculation that the man was sneaking into the club, being that it was at capacity for the sold out show. However, the official police report states the man somehow climbed into the drop ceiling, managing to crawl several feet before the tiles gave way causing him to crash nearly 20 feet to the floor.

The man broke at least one of his legs in the fall and was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for all his injuries.

Anyone who has seen the video (below) for DJ Snake's hit record "Turn Down For What," will immediately see the irony of this story based on the concept of the tracks official visual.

The party was shut down because of the fall and according to authorities the man smelled like alcohol and only told police his name and asked "what happened?"

We're not sure if the fall occurred when DJ Snake played "Turn Down For What" but here is footage from the show that night so you can just about imagine how crazy it was when a packed house saw a grown man fall from the ceiling.

I guess this guy now knows to turn down for drop ceilings.