What someone may have consider as the "ultimate prank," turned into one man's "ultimate nightmare." A man was glued to the toilet seat at a department store after someone apparently sprayed glue around the toilet seat.Police in Elkton, Md say that a man was glued to the toilet seat at WalMart for a lengthy period of time, yet would not say how long. Police and other Emergency Officials removed the seat, with the man still attached, and then rushed him to a local hospital to have the seat unattached.

While you may want to giggle a little here, just imagine how frightening this had to have been for the man when he attempted to get up. Plus, how embarrassing one to ask for assistance, and then two, to have to walk into a hospital with a toilet seat stuck to your rear end. While the prank may have been funny to someone, you can't help but feel sorry for this dude.