Its an image we have all seen one too many times, violence taking place on a school bus. This time, in the video below, a Michigan School Bus Aide is seen slamming a 7-year-old kid against the windows of the bus and heard telling him, "Sit Down" after the attack.

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon in the Galesburg-Augusta school district, and now police in Galesburg, Mich. launched an investigation this video surfaced on YouTube. The aide, identified as Heidi Mullin, was placed on the school bus to monitor the boy, who is known to have behavioral issues on the bus.

Police are investigating the incident and say that some reports indicate that the aide may have been acting in self defense. Reports say that the 7-year-old may have threatened to kill the aide prior to this altercation, which was caught on a camera phone by another student on the bus.

The boy's mother admits her son's disruptive behavior, but is calling for the aide's termination, claiming that the child was bruised as a result. According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, the employee is currently on paid leave.


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