Miley Cyrus is getting flack for recording two girls while they fought in the crowd on the Detroit stop of her 'BANGERZ' concert tour this past Saturday.

It's a common trend in this day in age to pull out a cell phone the moment we see a fight rather than figure out way to help break it up, and that's exactly what Miley did when she saw the two female fans begin to scuffle in the crowd.

In Miley's defense, the 'catfight' took place during a part of her show where she normally records the crowd while performing to post on her social media. Some fans actually put strategic thought into their ticket purchase to give themselves best chance of being in Miley's selfie-style video.

Cyrus did post the footage to her Instagram page and acknowledged the mini-brawl with the caption "Missed the #catfight" and also by actually yelling "CATFIGHT!" at the end of the video, but were her actions irresponsible?

The internet critics will judge her no matter what, but in Miley's defense the girls did stop fighting once they realized they were being filmed and immediately went back into fangirl mode, so all ended well.

Just wait until they find out that she taught her 14-year-old sister how to twerk.