The network TLC scored really big when it decided to highlight people's strange addictions on television. We have seen MANY strange addictions highlighted on this show, but this one may rank as one of the strangest. 

The woman in the video below admits that she is addicted to eat CAT HAIR!! Yes, you read it correctly, this pet owner indulges in hair left behind by her feline. She says that chewing on the cat hair is "comforting" and offers up a "relaxing feeling."

It is actually hard for to type this but, the pet owner compares the texture of the fur to "cotton candy." Like many other episodes I have seen on "My Strange Addiction," I may always left asking, "What made this person try this for the first time?" While we may never really know the answer to that question, we do know that some of these people on this show really do need help, and need help SOON!!