Like most of you, I too sometimes wake-up on the "wrong side of the bed." However, with the help of Youtube, my sour moods can often go from gloomy to bright in just minutes. Yes I will admit, I often use Youtube to my advantage to start my day on the "right foot." Here are a few LOCAL videos that went viral and have since become a few of my favorites.I want to make it clear from the start, I am NOT laughing at the situation at hand in some of these videos, but rather at the "characters" in them.



We here are Hot 107-9  often dig for local news stories from all across the country to make us laugh. Like you, we too often question why some people are interviewed by news reporters. Here are a few of my favorite LOCALLY produced videos that seem to always put a smile on my face regardless of how many times I may view them.

1. Is there anything better on television than an old Cajun man man describing a crime? I think not!! See how one older gentleman described a near death experience for one of his neighbors.


2. Perhaps of the most talked about LOCAL videos came when one woman described what she saw go down at a local Wal-Mart. While the story itself is sad in nature, the eyewitness in the news package is rather animated.


3. To this day,  I still say that I wish I were in this vehicle when it happened. Being a prankster myself, I think that this video, Cajun Onstar, is HILARIOUS. While many in Acadiana felt that this video was not funny and that it may have been WRONG, I sit on the opposite side of that argument. Kids having fun, no harm!!!!


4. Who from South Louisiana has not heard of local comedian Poo Poo Broussard??? As we acknowledge the centennial year of the sinking of the Titanic, you can't help but think of the CAJUN TITANIC bit this local comedian pulled-off. I kid you not, I have watched this video more times than I'd like to admit. There is just something about the line, "Rose close your lil eyes," that puts me in a good mood.


5. OK, we here often do some silly things BEHIND THE SCENES here...And here was one of them. We did our own parody of the AT&T  Office Party commercial on television and this is how it went down. I laugh every time I watch this video because I know how hard it was to keep a straight face while shooting the video...