The new NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, recently hinted that the idea of putting corporate logos on NBA player jerseys is "inevitable." During a speech at the 2014 IMG World Congress of Sports the commissioner said that fans could soon start seeing corporate ads popping up on player jerseys.

Sounds like the NBA is taking a page out of NASCAR and Soccer if they do go through with the plan of putting corporate logos on player jerseys. Although the WNBA already has logos on their player's jerseys, if the NBA adopts such a policy it would be the first of the four major sports in the U.S. to allow teams and jerseys to be sponsored publicly during games.

My question here is what if a player has a private endorsement, like Chris Paul has with All-State Insurance, and he is forced to wear a competitive corporations logo on his jersey, will this jeopardize private endorsements for NBA players? I can't imagine a company paying an athlete good money to endorse their product off the court then have he or she wearing their competitors logo on his or her jersey.

It sounds like the NBA is looking to "score" with this marketing ploy and when they do implement this practice, because they will, the NBA will score BIG!! Corporations like Coca Cola, Nike, and others will pay really good money to have their logo featured on the jerseys of some of the best athletes in the world. The looser in all of this, the players.

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