The National Football League has made it mandatory for all of it's teams to install cameras in their locker rooms for the upcoming football season. This all to improve the fan's experience when they attend NFL games.

The cameras will give fans a behind the scenes view of their favorite team(s) all while what is going on in the locker room is projected on the big screens in stadiums around the league. The videos will be available on team apps as well.

Each team in the NFL will operate the cameras and will determine what is shown on the video boards and apps for fans to see. The NFL is providing such access in hopes that this better improves the game day experience for it's fans.

While we speaking of video access here, we should mention that the NFL is requiring it's teams to show ALL REPLAYS available during a video review on the video boards. Normally the home team will only show replays that are in it's favor, but no longer. All plays are now subject to replay on the big screens. The NFL hopes that all of the organizations will equip their stadiums with top-notch screens now that this policy has been put into place.

While I like the idea of improving the fan's experience at games, I think this is too much. It is only a matter of time until something or someone is broadcasted on the jumbo trons that shouldn't be. Yes, I am talking about someone in the nude before or after games in the locker room. I can't imagine what type penalty the NFL will levy on a team that does broadcast any "inappropriate" material on their scoreboards. This should be rather interesting to see what happens.

Source: NYDailyNews