Rappers Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are the latest celebrities to allegedly have a sex tape out there for the world to see online. However, there is only one problem here, and that is nobody can find the elusive tape with the rappers on it. Those who have seen the tape say that there is no doubt that the female on the tape is indeed Nicki Minaj, yet the location of the tape remains a mystery.

The tape was allegedly made three years ago, and it is rumored to be on "the market." That meaning, the tape is in someone's possession, and they are holding onto it until the right time. Right time being, till the time someone is willing to pay big bucks for the  rights to the tape.

MTV UK says that this type raunchy tape with such stars on it could go for as much as $150,000. However, for a tape that has supposedly "leaked" on-line, no one can seem to find it. Keep in mind, both stars/rappers would probably have to confirm that it is indeed them on the tape for such a tape to go at high price. However, you can't help but speculate that there could be a tape out there with these two on it being that Wayne was the one that helped get Minaj a break into the music industry.They obviously are/were very close, and those long nights in the studio may have lead to some intimate moments.

Just this past week, we heard of yet another rapper having raunchy style tape, that being the late rapper Tupac. Why do celebrities even make such tapes? Are they simply out of fun, or do they know something about the "market" that we may not know. I personally feel that celebrities/athletes/musicians/singers engage in such type behavior on tape for one reason...TO REMAIN RELEVANT. These type tapes are sure to go public, and as soon as they do the mainstream media highlights the tape, thus those involved have the infamous spotlight thrown back onto them. Those who make/produce raunchy videos know what they are doing, and they know that in the long run, the payoff far exceeds any type embarrassment that may come with a sex tape.