Watch what happens when one old school backyard dance party gets too "Turnt Up." The couple that starts the party seems to be having plenty of fun, but when the woman in a wheel chair joins in on the fun, the party seems to really kick into another gear.

We often get videos like this from some you of on Friday mornings when you're dancing along to "The Friday Morning Breakfast Jam," but we have NEVER seen this happen in any of the videos you share with us.

We officially declare these folks a part of #TeamBreakfastJam. They sure do know how to party to some gold old school tunes. And as for the woman with one leg in this video, she's got it!! I love to see people make the most of their situation, and still live life to its fullest!!!

Lets just say what happens near the 1:30 mark in this video will make your day!!! Good fun!!