We ALL have that one thing that raises the stress level during the Holiday Season. Its the one thing that actually makes you consider even celebrating the season. For Chris Reed, it has to be one of the most common things we all do during the Christmas SeasonChris Reed stresses every year over the most simple of things during the Holiday Season. He says, he stresses over the decorating process. Its as if he can't decorate fast enough so that it is over. Many would say, its the most enjoyable times of the season, yet he thinks its a burden. You feel like you have to do it because all of your neighbors and friends do it. Once its done, its nice, but its the process of doing it and the preparation that drives Chris Reed into the crazy rampage.

On the other hand, Intern Sara says that last minute Christmas shopping brings her stress level to a whole new level. She shops on Christmas Eve!!!! Maybe she could eliminate the stress if she started earlier.