Its pretty common now days for people to have more than one job especially in certain industries.  Sarah Tressler was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, but since she needed some extra cash...she decided to go with another job that has more of a 'hands on' approach.Most people usually refer to just one of their jobs as their 'career,' because one tends to be more mainstream than the other.  The reporter never really told anyone about her 'night life' because she never expected it to get out like it did.

The idea of somebody outing me seemed like it would be, like, such a mean thing to do that I never thought anybody would do it." via Houston Culture Map

After looking into Sarah's career, it doesn't seem like she was trying to hide anything since she was keeping a full blog titled "Diary of an Angry Stripper."  As far as I know, there is nothing illegal about being an exotic dancer, but so far her co-workers are acting like it is.  According to MSN, Sarah's co-workers are

fuming that she "flaunts" her "stripper money" and believe she is using the paper as "fodder for a future roman a clef." via MSN

Sarah doesn't have to worry about the mean looks she gets at work anymore though, since she told Good Morning America that she was fired.  Is everything really bigger and better in Texas?