TMZ is reporting that Rihanna has dumped singer Chris Brown....Again!! This time it was not a relationship break-up, but rather she has elected to "unfollow" Brown on Twitter.TMZ reports that Rihanna has elected to "unfollow" her ex-boyfriend after she got word of a song Brown is set to drop. Sources say that the song is a "dis" towards Rihanna and when RiRi got word of the song it set her over-the-top.



The song Brown is rumored to drop is a remix to Kanye West's track called TheraFlu. In the song Brown reportedly refers to ex-girlfriends and implies that the entire music industry is done with her too.

Upon finding out that Rihanna was longer "following" him on Twitter, Chris Brown decided to "unfollow" Rihanna as well. In any case, it may be safe to say that we have all just witnessed a "Twitter Break-Up." Let's just hope that both entertainers decide NOT to "re-follow" one another because I'm not sure we can handle anymore Chris Brown/Rihanna drama.