The pop sensation has left many of her fans saying OUCH early in the new year. The reason being, Rihanna showed off a few rather "intimate piercings" on New Years Eve when she wore a black see though dress to a party. Yup, as you may imagine, the piercings are THERE!!! As tiny as the singer is, she apparently has a high tolerance for pain because that HAD TO HURT!!!!

Like many celebrities, Rihanna rang in the New Year at Puff Daddy’s Miami House, which by the way is the same party Rosie O'Donnel was turned away from, but that is a whole different story.

Now back to Rihanna, according to E! Online, “Ri-Ri rocked a seemingly demure black Tom Ford long-sleeve, knee-length dress with a sexy keyhole neckline, black pointy-toe pumps and diva-red pout."

In the photo, it is quiet obvious here that the singer wanted to let the world see a piece of her or a side of her that we have never seen least until NOW!!! This is an obviously an intentional wardrobe malfunction from RiRi, yet we can only sit back and ask, "how bad that hurt, and why???"

See the pics HERE at E! Online