What's going on?

Is There A Catch?
A video clip of a New Orleans panhandler has re-opened a timeless debate.
One Extra Day
The IRS is extending the deadline for last-minute filers.
Another Starbucks Incident?
A video recorded on Jan. 23 has resurfaced as Starbucks continues to face claims of racial discrimination.
Help Is On The Way!
Attention Upper Lafayette Target shoppers: Keep an eye out for 'Patches.'
A Local Hero
A Youngsville woman is calling the local police chief her hero.

It Happened Again
Less than a week after 400lbs of crawfish was stolen from a Baton Rouge restaurant, it happened again.
The Condom Challenge
There is a new 'challenge' amongst teens and it is being described as 'every parent's nightmare.'
Free Pizza, Pizza
Remember when Little Caesar's said they would give you free pizza if a No. 16 seed beat a No. 1 seed at the NCAA basketball tournament?
Win Cash
Big money. Three times a day. Every weekday.
Wirtz Says Farewell
After waking up with Acadiana for the past 13 years, Tracy Wirtz announced today was her last day at GMA.