A viewer recently submitted the following picture to our media partner, KATC TV-3, and we had to share this amazing photo with all of you. Look at this massive black bear under someone's carport in Patterson.

Officials in St. Mary parish say there's been an increase in Black Bear sightings from residents. One resident even reported that his dog was attacked by one of these bears and had 50 stitches to close the wound.Perhaps this explains the "Bear Crossing" signs as you enter into Patterson via U.S. Hwy 90.

According to the KATC report, The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says that through a grant, it's supplied St. Mary residents with trash cans that can be secured from Black Bears. They say that can help deter bears from homes.

In any case, this photo of the bear attempting to open a trash can is rather disturbing. By the looks of it, this is a HUGE bear, and I would not want to be in it's path. I bet my friends on the Animal Planet's series "Finding Bigfoot" would mistaken this bear from the elusive primate...its that BIG!!!