Chris Reed Becomes Addicted To The Waze App
This morning on the show I told you how I have become addicted to the app many of you may already be using, Waze. Its the app that you can use to navigate through roadways, and it also informs you of any delays you may encounter.
New Update For Facebook iPhone, iPad App – Twice As Fast
It took long enough, but Facebook has finally released an update for it's iPhone/iPad app, and it actually features improvements! In addition to the upgraded features, the update to Facebook's mobile platform adds noticeable speed - more than twice as fast as the previous version.
Jay-Z Launches Facebook Game App
We know that Jay-Z doesn’t play games when it comes to his business. That’s why he’s among the wealthiest rap moguls in hip-hop. But if you ever wondered how Jay flips his business deals — there’s an app for that.

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