Mall Of Louisiana Closed After Huge Fight Breaks Out
The Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge is closed for the night and traffic contraflow has been put in place near mall entrances after a massive fight broke out earlier this evening. The brawl, said to have as many as 200 juveniles involved happened in the food court area around 6 P...
Watch this Insane Fight Between NASCAR Pit Crews
With about two laps to go in the AdvoCare 500, NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon crashed into fellow driver Clint Bowyer. The bump sent Bowyer into the wall and sparked one of the greatest NASCAR fights of all-time -- in the pits!
Florida Couple Has Sex On Table At Local Restaurant [AUDIO]
A Florida couple, Jeremie Calo and Tiffani Lynn Bargainer both 32, were apprehended on Monday by police after allegedly having sex on top of an outdoor table at an Orange County restaurant, the Smoking Gun reports.The couple was asked to stop, but they refused to listen to management at the restaura…

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