Skrillex Is Worth $15 Million, Do You Still Think Dubstep Is A Joke?
The official Forbes Celebrity 100 List is out, and while J-Lo topped the list followed by Oprah, Bieber and rest of the usual suspects, it was #92 that caught my eye. Right between Tina Fey and Larry The Cable Guy, I noticed a familiar pale face sporting his signature over-sized nerd frames. His nam…
Jennifer Lopez Tops Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List
Is Jennifer Lopez the most powerful celebrity in the world? Forbes magazine thinks so and has placed J.Lo atop its Celebrity 100 list, citing her “stunning career reinvention” as a judge on ‘American Idol’ and her renewed success as a performer.
Forbes Richest Rappers
Who would you consider the richest rapper? Jay Z would have to be mentioned...50 Cent? Birdman? Forbes magazine named the richest guys in Hip Hop, check it out.
Which Celebrity Made The Most In 2010
In the year of 2010, while some in the country were scratching to make ends meet, some celebrities had no trouble paying the bills. What did your favorite celebrity make in 2010?