Woman Sets Car On Fire Then Claims To Be God [VIDEO]
Alexandra Barnes must be hanging around Kanye West, because she thinks she's God.(sarcasm)  It all went down at a gas station in Daytona Beach, Florida. It started out as beautiful day at the beach front gas station, until Ms. Barnes showed up to pump some gas.
Gas Station Sells Gas For $1.01 Per Gallon…By Mistake [VIDEO]
A gas station in Texas had a computer glitch and customers were NOT complaining. The reason many of it's customers weren't complaining is because they were getting away with gas for just $1.01 PER GALLON!! Yes, we have not seen gas prices like this in decades, yet customers at a gas statio…
How Not To Pull Up To A Gas Pump
This surveillance camera footage shows someone who clearly has no idea how to drive. Considering it took place in South Florida, we can only assume that this is an elderly person who can barely see above the steering wheel.
Will Uninsured Drivers Still Be Able to Buy Gas?
Uninsured driving is a serious matter in the eyes of the government, but perhaps none more so than for UK officials. In fact, some government authorities from across the pond would like to prohibit gas stations from letting those people fill up their tanks.

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