Grammies Singing Grammy Nominated Songs [VIDEO]
For about three years now, Ellen DeGeneres has had a tradition of bringing grandmas on her show during the Grammys. Ellen gets the grandmas to sing all the Grammy nominated songs, and every year it keeps getting funnier.
Grammy Wants Some Booty Prank [VIDEO]
When you think of your grandma, you think knitting and BINGO... RIGHT? Do you think that she wants some booty? What about asking perfect strangers for S. E. X.? I'm going to answer that for you. Oh Hell No! This grandma isn't like that either, but her prankster grandson put her up to this …
Granny Uses Sex Doll to Make Drivers Slow Down
Working on the theory that traffic always slows to a crawl when drivers want to get a good look at something, a Chinese grandmother who was fed up with people speeding through the crosswalk near her home came up with a rather unorthodox solution: She tied a blow-up doll to a tree on the corner.

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