25-Percent Of Women Misdiagnose Themselves Via The Internet
Let's face it, we all hate going to the doctor's office. Whether its because we fear the results of a visit or the amount of time it takes to see a doctor, we just DO NOT like going to the doctor. With that said, more and more people are going to "Dr. Google" to determine whatever type ill…
‘Gummy Bear’ Breast Implants
Ladies, gentlemen, and candy-lovers from all over, let us inform you that they are indeed soft and squishy!  We don't know if they come in different colors, but would you choose red, purple, green, yellow, blue, or orange?
Nick Cannon Suffering From Kidney Failure
Mariah Carey's man, and father of her two children, is in a hospital recovering from mild kidney failure in an Aspen, Colorado hospital. Nick Cannon and Mariah were celebrating the holidays in Aspen when the situation developed. Last year, it was Mariah in the hospital, but that was to deliver …