Lil Wayne Was Never Near Death, But May Need Rehab
Following Lil Wayne's severe seizure scare on Friday night (March 15), there was a slew of conflicting reports about the 'A Milli' rapper's condition. Thankfully, Weezy apparently was never near death. However, it appears that he is on the road to recovery -- and that the road ma…
Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ Denies Rehab Rumors
Cinemablend has come to the surface to say that 'The Situation' is NOT in rehab!  We know TMZ has reported that the TV Reality star might have trouble with an addiction, but Radaronline has verified that the 29-year-old has been battling a prescription pill popping problem.
‘The Situation’ From Jersey Shore Checks Into Rehab
TMZ is reporting that "The Situation" from MTV's hit show Jersey Shore has checked himself into a rehab facility for substance abuse  problems. Sources are reporting that Mike Sorrentino has checked himself into an inpatient treatment facility. Still, his rep would not confirm or deny that…
Whitney Houston Goes To Rehab
According to the Huffington Post, Whitney Houston is back in rehab for drug and alcohol treatment. At one time, Whitney was on top of the world, with one of the most amazing voices around. But troubles came and knocked her down. Between her drama filled relationship with Bobby Brown, to her problems…
Will Justin Bieber Be In Rehab By 30?
When 17-year-old singer Justin Bieber turns 30, where will he be? According to a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, it could be rehab.
60 Minutes/Vanity Fair readers were recently asked where they envisioned Justin Bieber at 30 years old. The top answer? 30 percent went with "celebrity rehab.&…
Ted Williams Exits Rehab
The man that we were all introduced to about a month ago, Ted Williams, went from being homeless to being an American Icon. His voice was labeled, "A Voice From God," but the problems Williams faced on the streets and in life, forced him to enter rehab.