Bride Falls At Wedding…Fail or Staged?
You Tube is filled with Wedding videos right? Some great, some not so great, wedding party dances to Thriller, even the classic Chris Brown 'Forever' dance down the aisle. These days, brides and grooms are looking for a way to make their wedding unique! After the third time I watched …
Rihanna & Clarkson To Take Stage
American Idol has announced that the stage is set for performances this week. The show welcomes to their stage, Rihanna & Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol.
RUMOR Alert For Halftime Show
We already know that the Black Eyed Peas are set to perform this Sunday for the Halftime Show in Dallas. But rumor has it that we could see a few surprises show-up with the "Peas"for the Show.
Will.I.Am Reveals Plan For Halftime Show
While the "Black Eyed Peas"are set to perform this Sunday for the "Big Game" at Cowboys Stadium, it appears that lead singer Will.I.Am has something up his sleeve. The lead singer says that he will do something on stage this Sunday WHILE performing that nobody has…