WKBT News Anchor Addresses Bully On-Air [VIDEO]
A WKBT news anchor recently addressed a viewer who called her "fat" and "overweight," and she didn't hold back!! Jennifer Livingston received an e-mail from a viewer that labeled her overweight and a bad example for children.
Is A New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series in the Works?
It’s hard to think that an entire generation of young folk are more intimately familiar with the ‘Star Trek‘ of J.J.  Abrams‘ reboot franchise, given the decades worth of 5+ TV series, and 10 resulting films, but the idea of bring ‘Star Trek&CloseCurlyQuo…
Can You Name All the Internet Fads In This Vitamin Water Ad?
Vitamin Water is certainly embracing the internet in their latest ad. In the spot, a man leaves his apartment to go search for their sweet, vitamin-enriched product. He is barely off his stoop when he’s confronted by a sexy sax man. (Who is unfortunately not playing the solo from ‘Careless Whisper.’…

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