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Jay-Z Says He Won’t Mind Paying Higher Taxes
Rap mogul Jay-Z says he’s cool with paying higher taxes just as long as the monies are allocated to worthy causes. During an interview with CNN, a reporter asked the ‘Throne’ rapper about his feelings on President Obama’s battle with the Republic…
Remembering American Veterans On Memorial Day
As we enter into Memorial Day Weekend, I hope that we all remember why we are celebrating this day and weekend. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching, because I'm not, but lets all remind ourselves what Memorial Day is truly all about.
The United States Of Shame
Sad, but true .. Every state is dead LAST at something, you just never want your state to be dead last when it comes to gonorreah. Oh well, at least we have good food ... right ? Check out the chart below to see what each state ranks DEAD LAST in and see all the stats from Pleated-Jeans after the ju…