President Obama Sings LMFAO’S ‘Sexy And I Know It’ [VIDEO]
LMFAO has been coming out with a ton of hits lately that have been so catchy, even the President is jumping on board!  Just in case your wondering, President Obama did not take the time out of his busy schedule to sing us a song.  Some talented video editor did take the time to show off hi…
B.o.B. “So Good” [Video]
Looks like B.o.B has another hit on his hands with his latest single "So Good." The video was released today, and the song is featured on his new album, "Strange Clouds" which will be in stores on May 1st.
Tyga + Lil Wayne Get Big-Headed in ‘Faded’ Video
Rapper Tyga recently premiered his new video for ‘Faded,’ the second single from his latest album ‘Careless World: Rise of the Last King.’ The infectious song, which features Lil Wayne, boasts melodic chimes and a bumping 808 drum beat. Arguably, this song…
Awesome Dancing Zebra [VIDEO]
I'll admit that I'm a pretty simple guy to please because I like to have fun.  It just takes 3 things to keep me happy.......a great big bucket of vanilla ice cream, comfortable pajamas, and a DANCING ZEBRA!!!

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