Acadiana’s First Flood Of 2013 [PHOTOS]
When we look back on the year 2013, we will all be talking about the day of January 10th, 2013. Much of Acadiana is under water today after several inches of rain was dumped over it in the last 24-hours.
Samurai Sword Master Slaughters 81 Water Bottles
We've never been more relieved to not be a bottle of water than right now. Granted, we never thought about it until we saw this video of a guy messing up with his collection of swords and knives, but yeah, definitely don't want to be a bottle of water around this guy. Of ANY size. Or even a bottle t…
Dolphin Emerges Out Of The Water And Kisses Dog [VIDEO]
Watch as a dolphin emerges from the water and kisses a dog in a boat!!! Yes, "Man's Best Friend" was able to get up-close and personal with one of nature's sweetest creatures. This classic clip from the 2000 IMAX film "Dolphins" shows a dolphin jumping …
Lafayette Police Mourn The Loss Of One Of Their Own
The Lafayette Police Department and members of the Lafayette community are mourning the loss of Officer Joel Grayson. Saturday afternoon while boating in Livingston Parish, Officer Grayson was involved in a boating accident that took his life.
Watch This Bachelor Party’s Cruel Bungee Jump Prank [VIDEO]
So your best friend is getting married and he asks for you to stand in his wedding, it will happen basically to all of us. However, once the bachelor party comes together and brainstorms how to make the moments leading up to the wedding unforgettable, that's when things get interesting. Watch as one…

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