6 Weird Louisiana World Records
Yes, Louisiana does hold the record for the largest jambalaya, but the Pelican State also holds world records for some pretty bizarre things.
The ‘Waking Up Justin’ Prank Has A Quick Turn Around
I can tell you first hand that video editing is a real pain and BORING, but the guys in this clip put my best work to shame.  Not only was I impressed with the video work, but their sense of humor was pretty cool....ohh yea, you will never guess where this guy woke up!
Chicken Waste Can Make Good Chinese Food
I know manure is really good for growing crops, but can we please keep it out of our cooking?  It looks like a couple of chefs in China might be fixing you a real treat!  Don't worry it's really not as bad as it sounds, in fact its making things a whole lot cheaper.

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