who dat

Panther Fans…Just For A Day
We really aren't sure who made this picture, but it is definitely the truth if you are a Saints fan. The Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons last Monday Night which put them a step closer to getting back to the Super Bowl by way of New Orleans.
Does Anyone Else Notice This ?
Are we the only ones that notice (and LOVE) when New Orleans Saints defensive coodinator Gregg Williams does this ? We don't know how to describe it, but ... it definitely fires up the Who Dat Nation. Click the picture to watch and enjoy !!
Rebuilt This City (On Black & Gold)
If you remember "Heart Of The City", the big Saints anthem from last year heard on Hot 107.9, then you need to check this one out. The same guys got together and put together a new tune for this season to support the Black & Gold and pay homage to the great city of New Orle…