You never know when you will have to call 911!!!  I think I came up with a great saying a long time ago, 'There is a time and place for everything!'  I understand this teen's mom needed some 'special attention', but don't light the fire that quick.

According to The Smoking Gun a teenager just other week called 911 and asked the police to put her in a children's shelter after she “heard her mother having sex.”  Once the police arrived at the residence the mother of the teen explained that there had been no domestic abuse, but she and her daughter had a verbal altercation.  Apparently mom invited her boyfriend into the home for a visit and things got a little heavy, to say the least.  The mother explained that their bedrooms were right next to each other and she never meant to wake her up.

"Sometime during the visit, her daughter heard them having sex and became upset.”

Anyway, after everyone calmed down the daughter said she didn't want to move since her school was just around the corner.  Can this get qualified as a 'drop the ball on parenting' award?  I could be wrong, I have heard of all different types of extra curricular activities.  Safe to say, I don't think her daughter will EVER look at her mom the same way again.  Wouldn't you be kind of freaked??