Just to let you guys know I never was a really big video gamer, but if I was the LAST thing I would want is the SWAT TEAM to show up at my house.  You heard me right, after playing a video game a teenager had a government 'Hit Squad' at his front door.I know Call Of Duty for the X Box 360 is popular, but I didn't think the government wanted in on it.  A Texas teenager, who will remain unnamed, received an alert in the game telling him,

Call the Swat team over to my front yard.’

If someone sends you a message like that while you were BEASTING on everyone wouldn't you just ignore it?  Well that's what this teenager did, unfortunately he should have taken it seriously because a couple of guns showed up on his front porch.  According to the the Daily Mail, 20 minutes after he received the message the Swat team had his house surrounded, demanding everyone to evacuate their homes.  Ok, lets take a moment to analyze the situation.......you were playing a video game, got a weird message, and the Swat team is on your front lawn.......I'd be FREAKING OUT!!!!!!

If you know anything about  X Box and X Box live, with certain games people from all over the world can connect with each other and play games together.  Since this is done over an internet connection I'm guessing hackers can come into play.  I guess I was right about the hacker part because the teenager reported to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth,

Some dude just popped out of nowhere, and basically said he’s going to hack me, he’s going to get my information, call the swat team over to my front yard.’

So what is the lesson to be learned from this? You can keep playing video games, but do not put crucial information about where you live online, because you could have a killer wake up call!

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