Is Alexa Connected To The CIA?
One user asks Alexa a few questions, including "Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?" Alexa's response would fit right in to a novel from George Orwell.
President Obama Does Storytelling Like A Boss
The secret to telling a great story is that you REALLY have to get into it!  Although you might be interested in the fairytale, you should stay away from the extreme facial expressions.  No wonder I never liked reading,  my teachers never ROARED at me when the good parts came.
President Obama Sings LMFAO’S ‘Sexy And I Know It’ [VIDEO]
LMFAO has been coming out with a ton of hits lately that have been so catchy, even the President is jumping on board!  Just in case your wondering, President Obama did not take the time out of his busy schedule to sing us a song.  Some talented video editor did take the time to show off hi…
Man Registers Dog To Vote
A dog is a man's best friend so this should be legal right?  I know they are intelligent creatures, but the last time I checked I'm pretty sure dogs can't talk(Don't worry they can still bark pretty good).  A man from Albuquerque, who did not want to be identified, said…
U.S. Government Keeps Working, Budget Passed
In what is a relief to government employees and members of the military serving abroad and back at home, democrats and republicans managed to push a bill through that would keep the government rolling along. They managed to make $38 billion in tax cuts...