Is Alexa Connected To The CIA?
One user asks Alexa a few questions, including "Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?" Alexa's response would fit right in to a novel from George Orwell.
President Obama Does Storytelling Like A Boss
The secret to telling a great story is that you REALLY have to get into it!  Although you might be interested in the fairytale, you should stay away from the extreme facial expressions.  No wonder I never liked reading,  my teachers never ROARED at me when the good parts came.
Man Registers Dog To Vote
A dog is a man's best friend so this should be legal right?  I know they are intelligent creatures, but the last time I checked I'm pretty sure dogs can't talk(Don't worry they can still bark pretty good).  A man from Albuquerque, who did not want to be identified, said…
U.S. Government Keeps Working, Budget Passed
In what is a relief to government employees and members of the military serving abroad and back at home, democrats and republicans managed to push a bill through that would keep the government rolling along. They managed to make $38 billion in tax cuts...