Having just returned from the beach, I have put my Top-5 Songs Of The Summer together. All of these songs have the potential to be "The Song Of The Summer."

Having recently walked the beaches in Destin for few days, I heard these songs at several people's umbrella or on their boat. Not to mention, all of these songs are being played on radio stations throughout the gulf coast.

Sure, my research my be unscientific in nature, yet these five songs seemed to always pop up when I tuned-in on what people were listening to while on the water or on the beach. Personally, I think all three of these songs has a summer vibe to to them, thus that may explain why so many are "feeling" them as we go into the "HOT 107 Days Of Summer."

The first song that has the potential to be the "Song Of The Summer" is by Jason Derulo called "The Other Side." I heard this song so many times in the last few days it is quiet clear that this is a hit this summer.

Next, I KNOW that this song is a hit, but is it the "Song Of The Summer?" Its by Daft Punk and its called "Get Lucky." This song has poolside written all over it.

The new song titled "Treasure" by Bruno Mars was being A LOT on boats at Crab Island. Ladies were singing and dancing to this tune while out soaking up the sun, and this song just has that feel of Summer Fun!!

Another HUGE song out right now that has many of you singing along with it is by Icona Pop, "I Love It." The song is huge on the radio and huge on the dance floor. It certainly deserves consideration for the "Song Of The Summer."

Lastly, this one may be my favorite. Robin Thicke's latest song "Blurred Lines" is catchy from the first time you hear it. This song just has summer fun written all over it. I can see this song being a hit poolside.

Sure, there will be more music out this summer, but at this point in time, I think these three songs have the potential to be the "Song Of The Summer" for 2013. What other songs would you suggest? Is there a particular song you are feeling this summer, and if so please let us know in the comment section below.