Meet Larry and Kelcie, two high school kids madly in love and hoping to one day become partners for life. Then, the unimaginable happened when Larry was hit by a drunk driver and nearly lost his life. 

Through it all, Kelcie never left Larry's side. She was there with him when he was in the hospital and she was there with each and every day he went through a grueling rehab  schedule. Larry was in a comma for three months after his wreck, and when he finally woke up, Larry was not the same Larry Kelcie met, yet she stayed by his side.

In 2010, Larry bought the ring he wanted to put on Kelcie's finger, but because of the accident that never happened---until now!!

Larry's original plan was to pop the question at Disneyland, but plans changed and he recently proposed to the girl who has always been by his side in front of family. Well, with the help of some very generous people, Larry and Kelcie are off to Disneyland for their wedding and honeymoon.

Valentine's Day may be in the rear view mirror, but stories like this reassures me that once true love unites, there is nothing in this world that can divide it. Amazing.