It's been a busy year, and there's been plenty of stuff to occupy your time on-line instead of doing productive things, school With the end of the year comes a reflection on what was big, bad, hot on the web. We dug through all our research and found the top 10 most visited stories on Hot 107-9. Here's a recap of what you checked out over the past 12 months.

  • 10

    Nicki Minaj Cover-girls on Ellen

    How could you not love these lil girls covering Nicki Minaj's 'Superbass' on The Ellen Show, and have Nicki peforming with them?

  • 9

    Drew Brees Pre-game Chant

    This season when the Saints and the Packers went head to head to kick off the 2011 NFL regular season, Digital noticed during pregame that Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints teammates had a new pregame huddle chant. The Saints have been known for their awesome pregame chants over the past few seasons, and this year’s chant is no different!

  • 8

    J-Dash Video Release

    After our birthday bash last year, we kept tabs on J-Dash who got us an advance copy of the official video for 'Wop'

  • 7

    Two Notorious Names and Internet Sensation

    What happens when you combine OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Antoine Dodson? Click the headline to view the entire photo.

  • 6

    Wife Sleeps Alongside Casket of Fallen Marine Husband

    Its a sight we have seen way too often. Family members say good-bye to the ones they love that have fallen victim to war. In the latest photo, a young lady requested that she be able to sleep along side her husband one last time, before his burial.

  • 5

    Morganza Spillway Opening

    When it comes to the Morganza Spillway conversation, a lot of folks were intrigued. Some were confused. Others were worried. With so many different people having mixed emotions, depending on their situation, the one emotion that everyone had in common was curiosity.

  • 4

    Tori Spelling's Twitter Slip

    Whoops! Dean McDermott is the husband of “Beverly Hills 90210″ star Tori Spelling and he posted what seemed to be an innocent photo of the couple’s 4-year-old son Liam on their joint Twitter account. What he DIDN’T realize is that the photo also included a crystal clear background shot of Tori’s bare breasts!

  • 3

    Kris Humphries Sex Tape?

    It’s the reason why Kim is famous in the first place, right? “The” Sex-Tape – even if you claim to have never seen it, you’ve definitely heard about it. Which is why we think Kris Humphries would be making a smart move to release any type of sextape-esque footage featuring his newly estranged wife Kim Kardashian-if indeed that footage exists.

  • 2

    Morganza Snake

    A snapshot of what is being called the “Morganza Snake” has been making it’s rounds on Facebook causing an uproar as people argue whether it is “real” or “fake.” We have heard from all the city and government officials that with the opening of the Morganza Spillway, that we may see animals (snakes, gators, bears, deer, hogs) in places that we don’t normally see them as they seek higher ground from the water pouring into areas designated to relieve the swelling Mississippi.

  • 1

    Moves Like Badger

    When Digital saw an email with the subject line “Moves Like Badger”, he really had no idea he would be so impressed. He also didn’t think he would laugh out loud, but this remix of Maroon 5′s hit ‘Moves Like Jagger’ paying homage to LSU’s star defensive back Tyrann Mathieu (nicknamed The Honey Badger for his reckless on-field play) is pretty damn good.