By now nothing really surprises us when it comes to the controversial major of Toronto, Rob Ford. Of all the antics we have seen the mayor pull-off, this may be the best.

After a recent photo-op, the mayor invited the goalie of a local soccer team to defend the net as he attempted a penalty kick.  I thought the mayor would take it easy on the kid, but that's not exactly what happened.

Ford rares back and UNLEASHES a ferocious shot towards the net. Sure, there may have been some sort of laughter as the ball sailed through the net, but I bet the kid's parents and coaches were not too pleased to see a grown adult, not to mention the MAYOR, unleash on a child.

Every time I see Rob Ford in the news I can't help but think of CHRIS FARLEY. Here is a lil mash-up of Farley vs. Mr. Mayor.