This morning on the show I was doing a bit for "Twitter Tuesday" where listeners fill-in the blank on a trending topic. Today, I asked listeners to finish the statement, "I Need A ______." It was then we all learned that one listener needed an air conditioner for her home because the two she has don't work.

The bit started with a few listeners saying they need a "Red Bull & Vodka," "A Trip To The Beach," and "A Girls Night Out." Then one listener called the show and stated something that she really needed. The listener said she needs "An Air Conditioner." Playing along with the topic, we joked about it being hot, but then the conversation turned more serious. Initially, I thought the listener needed an A/C for her vehicle, but she informed me it was actually for her home.

The single mom told me that she has a 7-month-old child, and that they have been staying at her parent's home for the last three weeks because the temperature in her home had become unbearable. I asked for someone to help this young lady out and many of you called in offering your assistance.

However, it was two local businessmen who contacted me and asked what I needed from them. The idea of a 7-month-old staying in a home without any air conditioner did not sit well with these two young businessmen. They both said that this family would not sleep another night in such unbearable conditions and that they would return to their own home.

As I mentioned earlier, the mother and her son have been staying in her parent's home for the last few weeks, but because of an ailing grandmother in her parent's home, the home and it's environment have not allowed the baby to rest at all. So, when things would get too hectic in her parent's home, because of all of the chaos surrounding all of the family members, she would retreat back to her own place, with her child. She knew that the temperature in her home would not be comfortable even at night, but if it allowed for her child to rest for just a few short hours it was worth the sacrifice.

That is when Chad Arnaud, the owner of Scandal's Night Club, and Paul Tylock, the owner of Frozen Sun Daiquiris on Verot School Rd., sprang into action. We all met up Tuesday afternoon and drove to the Lowe's in New Iberia. There, the two businessmen purchased a mobile air conditioner for our listener and we delivered it to her residence.

When we arrived to the listener's home in New Iberia, it was 91-degrees in the home!!  But because of the generosity of Chad & Paul, the home would soon be filled with something that had been absent from it for weeks, cold air. We left the home hoping this eases the summertime pain for one family in Acadiana, but more importantly we left New Iberia knowing that one family could return to their home and regain a sense of normalcy in their daily routine.

Personally, this was the most gratifying day in my radio career! To see two young businessmen come together for a complete stranger reassures me that there still are some very special people in our community. No, they did not want the praise or recognition, but I feel when you go beyond the call of duty for others, you deserve to be applauded! Chad and Paul are not only special people in our community, but as the listener stated, they are "Guardian Angels" for her and her family.