A grown woman looking for a little summer fun had a little mishap on the steps of a water slide and launched a human domino effect. Earlier this month at a picnic, everyone was having a good time and taking turns on everyone's favorite past time during the warm season - a water slide.

The kids standing in line had no idea what they were in for as they followed this lady up the steps of the water slide. As you can see in the video, (fully equipped with slow motion) when this woman lost her footing and gravity took control, every small child in her path went flying like bowling pins.

Woman Falls Down Water Slide Steps, Wipes Out Line Of Kids

According to the description on the original upload, the video was good enough to make it to Good Morning America, which means this poor lady is officially famous for her epic water slide fail.

I can only hope that Tosh.0 gives this woman a web redemption.