A disturbing story from TMZ shows a cancer stricken patient is addicted to drinking and bathing in her own URINE!!! Yes, 53-year-old Carrie will be featured on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" this Sunday, and she claims to drink  about 80 ounces of the yellow stuff a day -- and despite a total absence of medical proof, she believes it's helped control her cancer.





Aside from drinking and bathing in her own urine, Carrie uses her own urine for several other odd reasons. In the episode, Carrie admits to seeing a few side effects including a mole on her back that seems to change colors on a daily basis.

At first I found these type shows to grab my attention, but as of late I have trouble watching shows like this. I honestly feel bad for these people and I feel bad for myself for allowing their weakness to be a form of my entertainment. In any case, I hope that shows like this allows for trained professionals to intervene in the lives of these sick individuals. After all, anyone featured on these type shows does need help and they need it FAST!!!

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